Marcela Muleris graduated from the prestigious Swedish Institute in New York City.  She has been working as a licensed massage therapist since 2006.  Her specialties include:  deep tissue, trigger point, medical, sports, and myofascial work.  As a certified prenatal massage therapist, you can rest assured that the mom-to-be and baby are in great hands!  Marcela is committed to her continuing education. She recently completed George Russell’s, The Jaw, Ears, Base of Skull: Triad of Opportunity through the AMTA in September 2017. This is very useful if you suffer from TMJ dysfunction, clenching, grinding, painful clicking jaw, excess jaw tension, migraines, chronic sinus problems, head injuries, whiplash, chronic ear congestion, and chronic face and neck pain. Intra-oral Massage may be right for you. Intra-oral massage is a safe and effective manual technique that works on muscles both inside and outside the mouth, neck and throat. 


By incorporating stretching and range of motion, Marcela is able to evaluate tissue and create a client centered massage. Each massage session is based on the individual client and their personal needs.